CCG Online

Shipping &Receiving

CCG Online's Shipping & Receiving applications multiple organizations in different locations to drop ship from one location, receive at another, and record at a third without losing track of shipments, time or status.

Orders can be filled in multiple shipments at different times and/or to different locations.

Packing lists record the box or container for each shipment line item. Non-line items such as documentation, kits, cables and peripherals can also be listed.

Carrier name, dates, and tracking numbers can be entered or interfaced in for each shipment. Evidence of carrier delivery may be used in lieu of receipt by customer to complete the shipment.

Drop shipments can be tracked directly from supplier to ultimate customer by a distributor, integrator, or prime contractor without loss of visibility.

All parties can see the identical status of a shipment simultaneously 7 days/week, 24 hours/day, from anywhere with internet access.

Receipts can be entered against Electronic Orders or against Purchase Orders from anywhere by any authorized user from any organization.

Multiple receipts can be made against each line item.

In addition to receipts against orders, Miscellaneous Receipts record non-receivables, transfers, intercompany transactions, or third party material

Parties can be automatically notified of shipments, receipts or other events by email or pager.

Data entry can be barcoded for all transactions

Customizable to what is most useful to you.

CCG Online's Electronic Catalogs can accommodate the broadest range of catalog needs and special requirements.