An invitation from CCG Intl

Does your organization have problems keeping up with time and expense reporting
? Staff or subcontractors in many locations (buildings, cities, time zones)
? Does work stop while people spend too much time filling out, faxing, mailing, telephoning or following up on time and expense reports to meet a deadline
? Reports that are often late, incomplete, illegible or contain errors
? Transmitted to approvers located somewhere else or not available
? With reports too late or incomplete to be useful

If so, please consider
CCG Intl's
$ Web based time card and travel expense applications
$ Which can be filled out in 5 minutes or less from scratch or a prior week's template by day by project, task, cost center, or charge number
$ From anywhere with internet access, error free, on time and always legible
$ Validated against your accounting structure and business rules
$ Forwarded instantly for electronic signature approval to anywhere day or night
$ With electronic copies where needed as invoices to clients, project reports, or home office records
$ And drill down reports, totals, history and status by person, task or client that are always current and available online
$ For as little as a few dollars per week per person

Take the time and effort out of time and expense reporting!!!
With practical E Business solutions from
CCG Intl
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