CCG Online

Electronic Invoicing

CCG Online's Electronic Invoicing allows suppliers to enter invoices and track progress through approval and payment without delays, manual approval routings, or misplacement.

Suppliers can enter invoices from the keyboard or electronic system to system feed for large complex invoices covering hundreds of orders, rentals, charges, or pieces of equipment.

A single consistent format for electronic invoices to customer specifications helps ensure that all data required for payment is complete and correct at time of entry.

Invoices are electronically matched against order, receipt and pricing data.

Corrections can be made online immediately, rather than weeks later after the fact.

Approval routing and signatures are electronic without delay or misplacement.

Status and progress toward approval and payment is always visible to suppliers, customers, and accounting without the need for phone calls.

Approved invoices are electronically routed to Accounts Payable for payment

Invoice substitutes for payment on receipt can be generated from order and receipt data.

Invoice detail is posted electronically to cost and general ledgers.

Archival copies of invoice data are kept online for reference.

Process flows can be tailored to what is most useful to you.

CCG Online's Electronic Catalogs can accommodate the broadest range of catalog needs and special requirements.