CCG Online

Drill Down & Reporting

CCG Online's Drill Down & Reporting applications allow users to find and select items quickly and efficiently on their own from supplier catalogs, prior orders, pre-configured systems, bills-of-material, parts lists and other approved sources.

CCG Online supports multiple electronic customer defined catalogs of all kinds: internal, supplier, approved lists, pre-configured systems or other pre-defined sources.

We suggest a catalog of suppliers and commodities to identify where the organization has agreements, what they cover, what their terms and discounts are, and whether there are preferred sourcing agreements to help users know where they can or should purchase.

We also automatically build a catalog of prior orders and items by user or group which can be modified and reused as templates to place future orders

We have a developed a 4 level deep customer definable dynamic index for efficient searching from a few to hundreds of thousands of items quickly and easily

Search by commodity, vendor, part #, or mulitple characteristics

Supports internal part #'s as well as manufacturer and distributor part #'s for each item plus list and discounted pricing

Synonyms can be added to data to describe items in your own terms, abbreviations, or acronyms

Link from items to graphics, documentation and more detailed specifications in multiple attachements or to external sites and supplier hosted catalogs

Setup different types of data fields for different catalogs

Create multiple types of catalogs, sub-catalogs, views, and public or private access to catalogs based on business rules and individual user privileges

Customizable to what is most useful to you.

CCG Online's Electronic Catalogs can accommodate the broadest range of catalog needs and special requirements.