CCG Intl Electronic Commerce

What Does It Cost?

Infrastructure technology projects by nature are complex and have many cost elements: software licenses, customizations, training, implementation, process redesign, maintenance, hardware, network, communications, ongoing system operation--all of which are difficult to estimate in advance or in general

All of these cost elements are difficult to estimate in advance or in a general case.

We design our projects to manage each of these cost elements and their totals to achieve specific overall goals.

Scheduled completion of the project and live operation is always an important if elusive goal.

Other goals have specific qualitative results which are recognized as important but may be difficult to measure directly: national rollout, better accuracy, shorter cycle times, better service, common systems, replacement of obsolete systems, better processes.

But nearly all of our projects seek to achieve three clear financial goals which we use to guide and scope our efforts:

Our Financial Goals

Goal 1: Payback of our clients' investment in 2 years or less from measured financial benefits

Goal 2: A significant reduction in ongoing operating costs as measured in dollars or percentages

Goal 3: Significantly lower total project costs than major firms offering similar products and services

We believe very strongly in our ability to achieve these goals and we are often willing to guarantee them.