CCG Online

Contracts & Orders

CCG Online's Contracts & Orders applications are designed to accommodate complex purchase orders and agreements with features not present in simpler eCommerce systems:

Copy and paste data in from external web sites

Electronic approvals, workflow routings, and notifications with electronic or manual signatures

Change notices, deletions, cancellations, returns and audit trail history of changes and configuration control

Account cost center, charge number validations

Customizable business rules, limits and authorizations

Attachments for specifications, clauses, detail, drawings

Standard clauses, terms and conditions which can be tailored to each contract

Ability ot edit and reuse prior orders and items as templates

Designed to meet the needs of companies with complex contracts and agreement requirements like aerospace and defense

Also useful for subcontracts and proposals

CCG Online's Contracts & Orders are not just for indirect MRO items but for direct purchases of mission critical items from large and small suppliers as well.