CCG Online

Electronic Calendar

CCG Online's Electronic Calendar is a database of calendar events that is useful to support many time based applications

Calendar events can be grouped by site, department, project, function, or any database characteristic into multiple calendars which can be public, private, or shared across the network. Shared calendars give everyone visibility of significant events..

Each event can have multiple attachments linked to it. Attachments can be documents, maps, directions, forms, pictures or any web based image.

Events can be viewed on calendar or in a list or table format

Email or electronic notifications can be triggered from calendar events.

In calendar form, the date area automatically expands to accommodate the events scheduled

Events, links and attachments can be easily added by authorized users or administrators

In addition to meetings, training, or announcements, the calendar is useful for date based reminders such as tax and report due dates, lease and maintenance renewals, software license management, annual vendor certifications, and warranty or return expirations. Any date dependent events which become too numerous or cumbersome to remember can be maintained by the calendar.

Calendar entries can be linked to other CCG Online applications to be generated from order dates, for example.

CCG Online's Electronic Calendar can help manage the ever increasing volume of date based events and requirements in today's complex business environments.